Day 28

Looking through my facebook feed, I’ve realized that I’m a fricken time traveler because if and when I post a “throwback thursday,” it’ll be Wednesday for mis amigos de California. Don’t question my logic.

Today I got to see a palace and “old” old, Korean music performance. The beginning part was incredibly numbing and seemed like a bunch of old Koreans were just banging on pots and pans and random wooden utensils in no kind of rhythm, unless there is such thing as Kindergarten recess being a legitimate musical rhythm. I pretty much fell asleep with my eyes open and dreamed that Alison was calling me to quickly join her to leave for the subway. But by the 2nd “act” I was entertained by the classic Korean dancing and instrumental beats/playing. Sadly my phone is still having seizure and not working really, so I was unable to take pictures (especially because it was at night, so I did not even figure out what palace it was that I was at).

Since Minyoung has recorded my snoring from every time I’ve come back from drinking, it’s time to take a breather from soju, beer, and maekgolli for both the sake of my liver and my poor roommate’s sleeping. On the other hand, Casey has downloaded some app or what-not onto my laptop to allow my love for CANDY CRUSH!!! YATAAAA~ Let the games and obsession begin again!

UPDATE: I have turned in my essay 15 minutes before 5:00pm / the deadline for e-mailing the professor. SUCCESS!!!



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