Day 26

Woah there Alpine club! So it ain’t just hiking and mountain climbing?? There’s ICE CLIMBING?!

Apparently Alpine club changed the’ir meetings to Tuesdays at 7, so I’m either going to have to miss the Tuesday meetings for ping pong, or just leave early so I make it to Alpine club. For the first meeting I showed up really late with Pei Hsia, but dang am I interested in all the weekend fun with them. Hiking, sports climbing (practicing on rock walls), and actual mountain climbing?? HOW COOLIOS IS THAT?! Sad I’ll be missing out on the ice climbing around January/February though… BUT IT’S OKAY!

As the usual Korean way after a meeting of some sort, we went out for chicken and beer/soju. YAY CHICKEN! I don’t know what’s with their chicken and the different seasoning, sauces, and coating of ingredients on those bad boys, but they be the BEST chicken I’ve ever had. Like… EVER.

And now it’s time to remember some nombres: Tae Won (leader of Alphine group), Eric (Massachusetts; bro needs to calm down on the “aegyo”), Toni (Arizona chick; going to make our “sannakji club”), Mingjung (my new fav Korean girl), Kim Jong-un (because her name is the same as the new N. Korean dictator), and.. well frick I guess that’s all I remember… Pretty sure I at least remember 3 other faces. Now to piece the names to the faces. Until next week then.



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