Day 25

Good Morning Seoullll~

What better start of a Monday than to finally attend the class I’ve been dying to take: PING PONG!!! YAAHHHHH!!! Although I have no idea what the heck the professor is saying, and although his clock ran 10 minutes faster than the universal time, as dictated by both my laptop and cellphone, which lead me to being “late,” I had the chance to bond with Holly, who actually had never even picked up a paddle before. So much for smashing the ball for today…

But lucky me I remembered that the ping pong club would be open to us on the 4th floor of the student union between 12-5, so I ended up getting to play with some random until I realized I forgot to eat lunch and would soon have my last class at 3 (Korea-US Relations).

The only thing I learned today, besides my rekindled love for ping pong, is that 3 hour classes are THE WORST. I thought I was going to break face on my own desk from falling asleep so many times. It was the worst PowerPoint experience of my life. What happened to the juicy history part of class? Or discussions? Or awesome facts that could inform me better than dumb graphs about random GDP’s or military usage among differing countries? I DEMAND FUNNER LEARNING! YES I’M A NERD THAT LIKES TO LEARN.

At least the Professor will have classes that are purely discussion from now on since he’s finally distributed our readings. PRAISE GHANDI.



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