Day 23/24

Can’t stop. Won’t stop!

Anticipation for food could not be any greater than today, for Mary and I had been waiting for a Dongdaemun outing to feat upon lamb in an Uzbekistani restaurant. There were also Kazhak restaurants but that can be saved for another day. All I can say is, COME TO DONGDAEMUN FOR THE UZBEK CUISINE!!! Lamb meat with french fries, lamb meat with potatoes, and beef skewers all day erryday for ~41,000 W total was not a bad deal. I mean there were 6 of us (Mary, Sarah, the 3 Koreans from that one Friday, and me), so ~7,000 W per person ain’t hurting my stipend.

But you know what DOES hurt? Staying up to meet up with Ross’ group for his be-lated birthday celebration, drinking at Mice Cabin, walking to Hongdae on the spurr of the moment to try to find a place to club or dance, drinking soju and beer mixes on the side of the road, and dancing at a stuffy place, then returning to a park to drink a tad more, taking off with a smaller group of 4 (Ross, Sarah, German/Russian Korean bro that was TOTES INTO Sarah, and me) back to Sinchon to Noraebang, and then coming back home around 7 a.m. after me and Sarah got our fill of ramyun at a convenience store.

Let’s just say this hoe needs to knock out longer because this body is not ready for the world. Soju + beer es muy peligroso and should have warning labels or something, and it is too UNREAL for Noraebang places to give unlimited singing time for only 15,000 W TOTAL. Limit us Ajjhusshi because my voice be lost after 1hr 30min!!!



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