Day 22

You ping. I pong. We PING PONG~

Today I came to my club orientation for ping pong (yes I know how Asian), and at first I felt awkward when there was a presentation in Korean, but it became very comfortable when I met 2 Germans & Myea) and Sarah’s roomie Lauren (who I had met during the chicken outing). We ended up doing a team tournament thing and my team ended up winning. Go team 1!!! As Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn’t everything–but wanting to win is.”

Turns out though, Lauren is a fricken pro ping pong player!!! Or.. WAS a pro. She was born in China, started extensively learning ping pong at age 6 to get out of studying school (so technically the lucky hoe dropped out of school after 2nd grade), played in a CRAP TON of competitions in China, including being part of the Beijing national team, came over to NYC when she was 17 and immediately got to jump into high school, now attends a Christian private school in NYC with a LOT of scholarships, teaches ping pong privately for $60/hr/person, and is also an intern at some research investment company. Yay Wall Street!

But best of all, besides the friendship making, merriment, makgeoli, KBBQ, and what-not’s, LAUREN OFFERED TO TEACH ME PING PONG FOR FREE!!!! FOR FREE!!!! DO YOU COMPRENDE THIS AMAZINGNESS!!! AN EX-PRO CHINESE PING PONG PLAYER / EXPENSIVE PRIVATE TEACHER WANTS TO TEACH THIS PEASANT THE ASIAN TRADE THAT IS MINIATURE TENNIS!!! Praise Buddha and the god of friendships and say whaaa~



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