Day 21

Stats in the morning/afternoon, Korean Language Exchange Orientation at 6:30, and Mentor’s Club 1st Cell Meeting at 8:30.

I was one of the unlucky hoes that showed up to KLE sitting and waiting throughout the orientation without a “buddy.” I ended up meeting a cool Spanish chick named Fatima, however, and later got to take a picture of my “buddy’s” information. Apparently it’s a male? So let’s see if we end up taking part of the “Running Man” games in October. I’m not so trusting of the bro-heme since he didn’t show up. It’s okay, I’ll just be Forever Alone singing ♫All by myself~

Since the orientation ended early at 7ish, I pretty much had to go back to my room, waiting hungry, ugly, and without an amigo. It’s okay though, because my body was ready for the feasting that was to come with the Mentor’s Club cell 10 meet. I already knew a couple handful of humans: Mary, Sarah, Karen (from Stats), Jennie (who I just met at lunch from Karen), and maybe a handful of faces I couldn’t put the name to. But I got to meet a chill Frenchie dude named Ross (YES FINALLY A HUMAN NAMED ROSS!!! Now to meet a Joey and Chandler).

We all shared the acorn jelly dish and hameul pajeon – a Korean dish that could be described as a seafood pancake-omelet mixture. Fluffy, light, and filling, this dish went extremely well with the radish kimchi and makgeoli (rice beer) I indulged in. The huge pot that was filled to the brim with makgeoli was pretty much eliminated by 4 of us (Sarah, Mary, Ross, and me) in the end, leading to my usual Rudolph the Red-faced Asian glow.

So waking up now, I’m hoping Minyoung (roomie) doesn’t find me too weird… Please don’t move out you just came back from Chuseok!



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