Day 20

Although it’s technically not Chuseok… Happy Last Day of Chuseok Break!~

Invited for a free meal at Eungam with the Homestays, how could I resist? I was fed full thrice times to my hearts content, practiced calligraphy with Mama Homestay, got a walking workout to E-Mart, and played with Buni – the Homestays’ cuten brown, little poodle.

And now cue the Lazy Song AGAIN because I be sittin’ in bed starting a new K-Drama that’s apparently almost over and one of the highest rated dramas at zeh moment. Time for another emotional roller coaster where I dedicate 16+ hours of life and energy. For the beautiful people!!!



3 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. hang vu

    Hi Quyen,
    U r so enjoying Korea …
    Did u check ur email ofen? Me and Ba wrote something for u.
    Enjoy but don’t forget what u have to do thing prepare for ur future dear.



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