Day 19

Last day of Chuseok. Laziness, Pho, and nothing much~

Due to falling asleep around 3 a.m. and waking up around 11 a.m., I missed the hiking excursion and ended up on the Interwebs doing nothing. Bruno Mars, you know humans too well because ♫I just layed in my bed♫

The rest of the lazy day involved cooking phở Mong-style – phở with a twist of having large cut pieces of carrots and daikon in the soup, alongside a mix of special powder mix for the broth, watching K dramas without subtitles, but rather with our amazing commentary of what the dialogue probably was about, and then eating over the course of 4 hours multiple bowls of Stacey’s cooking.

Guess I’m going to sleep some more because tomorrow I have to walk a long ways to the bus stop to head to the “Homestays” for the “extra Chuseok holiday” they invited me to. Navigation on Bus 753 here I go again…



2 thoughts on “Day 19

    1. cvbui Post author

      So apparently Mong people love/make pho also and they like cutting in BIG chunks of veggies like carrots and daikons into the broth while it cooks rather than how we would just focus on soaking chicken bones or something simple into the broth. She ended up having this powder thing from home to put in the broth too!!! Came out surprisingly good. It was just a tad more big veggies. Sad we couldn’t find mint leaves, Siracha, and other small condiments/toppings I usually enjoy in my pho though :/



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