Day 18

7:45a.m. wake up, to 12a.m. return. Will I be able to wake up tomorrow at 5:30a.m. for a hike?!?

If you haven’t read already, I had a long butt day of an adventure this Chuseok season at Everland. Yes, the promise of 50% off tickets was met, and I entered the largest South Korean amusement park for the lovely price of 25,000 W. So maybe I splurged on ~$8-9 candy and 2,300 W cotton candy, but it was all worth it. WORTH IT!!!

The only crap time I had this day was the bus endurance of crazy stereotypical Asian driving, trying to keep planted without flying into another human, and refraining from puking on the young man to my right or child at my left. Should’ve taken those iron pills gosh darn it!

Oh, and learning the hard way not to hold the transport card as I fell into a deep slumber on the bus was another important lesson I learned. Because apparently those things disappear when you dormirse. Bye bye a day’s worth of food and snacking. I’ll just pretend I took the taxi twice today or something to keep my cheap self from crying from such a loss. Maybe I’ll just eat convenience store kimbap and onigiri for the rest of the week.



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