Day 17

Happy Chuseok!!! Korea’s version of Thanksgiving apparently lasts 3 days, so no classes until Thursday of this week. Hoo-rah!

After only 3-4hrs of sleep, we took off for Gangnam, with the mission to find the entertainment buildings. But due to terrible planning and the inability to navigate ourselves to MBC or SM, we decided to head towards Samseong, where there lie an aquarium and Megabox theater. It was a long day of walking, talking, and oo-ing and awe-ing. If the aquarium wasn’t 22,000 W, I would’ve gone to see the penguins and sea lions, but Chuseok’s just begun and I still require food money for the rest of the week.

Although the mission primero was a failure, we did get to go to Gangnam, Samseong, and Idae before retiring to our chambers. Hopefully I find my phone charger soon so I can upload picturas and worry not of a dead phone because tomorrow we plan on an early start to amuse ourselves with Everland. 25,000 W discounted tickets for being a foreigner SAY WHAAAAA~



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