Day 16

Trains, trains, and more trains. Choo choo~

So finally got an SD chip for zeh teléfono celular and now I get to take pictures and Instagram all day eryyday!!! YAY ME!!! So humans searching for SD chips (4GB) for cheap (5,000 W), I got mine at Idae around the shopping district of Ewha Women’s University.

After my morning with Alison, I met up with Mary and a group of 6 or 7 other humans and we all ate lunch together, got donuts (or at least just Mary, Lexi, and I did; budding new friendship right hither~), and headed off to Itaewon, a.k.a. the foreigner district. Never have I been so surprised, but also feel like I took in a breath of fresh air to see such diversity, from Turkish, Indian, and Middle Eastern people, to a pretty large African population. There was an Ethiopian restaurant for heaven’s sake!

The hunger for (possibly authentic) Mexican food was real, and we ended up finding an AMAZING Mexican restaurant that sold all kinds of burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, along with this new twist of alcohol called: Makgeollitas – makgeolli (rice beer) mixed with the choice flavor of margarita. We ended up choosing 1 peach makgeollita since the place was pretty pricey (compared to our cheap meals we’ve been comfortable obtaining in Korea), which seemed like how L.A. would price it. 14,000 W for the drink, and 14,000 W for 1 quesadilla (which I split with Lexi).

Urban Tacos wasn’t the end of my nightly adventures, for I returned to the dorms, showered for the 2nd time, and then prepared a backpack to go to Hongdae for a little nightly adventure of chit chatting and hanging con Alison and Stacey. I took the subway ALL BY MYSELF without getting lost. Woohoo!

We pretty much all nightered it because the subways close at midnight and don’t start again until 6a.m., so I finally got back to the dorms around 7a.m. and power napped a good 3-4 hours so that we can have a Gangnam adventure today.



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