Day 15


After grabbing my package/book from Mama Homestay, eating lunch (ramyun + dukboki) with Saree and Mary, and attending my only Friday class (Politics & Society of North Korea), 3 Korean students ran into Saree and me with the proposition of dinner and fun for the night. With the temptations of vitamin drinks and nightly fun I immediately accepted their offer.

Turns out the night was a success with Inho, Seeun, & Donghyun. We KBBQ-ed, had makgeolli and Cass, and then ventured to the Han River. My enthusiasm and people watching skills (c’mon the couples are ADORBS hither in this country) most likely impressed these humans because it looks like I just made my first 3 Korean friends (I’m not gonna count Taeun because we never hung out; she only was there for me during the ping pong mishap). YAY FRIENDSHIP!!!

Next up, CHUSEOK WEEK!!! Meaning no roommate for the next 5 days 😥 But at least she left me a surprise chocolate-filled baked good on my table for me when I got back. YAY ME!



One thought on “Day 15

  1. Tam

    Love your adventures, stories, and delectable food (can you tell I’m hungry?) expeditions. Glad you’re doing well. I couldn’t make use of your pass because work has been way too busy 😦 Been yoga-less for 3 weeks. We miss ya lots though xoxo.



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