Day 14

Clubs, waffle ice creams, and hipster tunnel photo shoots.

Apparently the “club fair” which was a row of clubs being set up along near BYH and the library lasted only from Monday to Thursday (today until 6p.m. although I only felt like I saw the tents set up yesterday and today). I signed up for ping pong, mountain climbing/hiking, and snowboarding because well.. why flippin’ not?

The day proceeded with dinner, Idae walking and talking, and a hipster photo shoot along the way with Mary and Saree.

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Let’s just say tonight could’ve followed with clubbing in Gangnam at Octagon, but I took the fatlyfe route with consecutive desserting (yes I verbed it and spell how I want to because I can do whatever I want) of waffle ice cream sandwiches and “pearls” at Gon Cha. ‘Murica, you’ve met your match in the sugar department!



2 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. hang vu

    We went to church last Sunday and pray for u.
    Everything ok? Enjoy your time in Korea? How are u doing with school.
    Is it school difficult? Can u find any church around your school.
    We miss u. I found Meeko laying inside your room and look bored.
    Love u,


    1. cvbui Post author

      Yes everything is fine. Korea is fun and so far is easy because we only had orientation and 1st week of classes is intro/orientation to the classes.



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