Day 13

Rain rain go away, come again another day~

No classes today since I’ve dropped Badminton and Self-Defense since they were in Korean…
So laundry, checking out the clubs out near BYH and the library, and finally eating chicken with everyone I did! Yay chicken!!! So many flavors! So much fullness. So da fat~

Still no cash, seaweed portions running short, and Woori Bank account less than 30,000 W. Sustenance will consist of kimbap, ramyun, and the amazingly cheap 3,800-4,500 W meals in the cafeteria until Friday… BECAUSE I JUST RECEIVED THIS E-MAIL PRAISE VISHNU, SHIVA, AND ALL DEM DEITIES!!!

stipend emailSoon I can buy everything from SD chips for taking pictures, to picnic blankets, and just having money to have fun (e.g. renting bikes, going to concerts, fun at amusement parks). Soon Korea… SOON~



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