September 2, 2014

There’s a very free diet in Korea that seems to be most popular and working: starvation.

EAT GIRLS EAT!!! The more I look the more I wanna spoon-feed you all a bowl of rice and kimchi! How is it possible that your hips looks thinner than your shoulders WHYYY????!!? How ’bout some patbingsoo?

Boyfriends feed your girlfriends, don’t encourage this they’re dying! DYINGGGG~


5 thoughts on “Nothing is Free

  1. emi

    Hey Quyen,
    Just sittin here at the dining table eating crunchy nectarines. I’ll save a bite for you. BTW, can I borrow your Atlas of Anatomy book? You don’t need this in KOREA do you? Kamsamidaaaaa…


      1. emi

        Ew…you were supposed to check for me before you left remeber?

        Oops just spilled 7 leaves.

        Why would I want it forever? Off my hands once the sem is done!

        And you just dont spill kim chi on my converter…

        Xoxo thanks # 12!


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