Day 12

Happy Spawning Saree!!! Alcohol legality in ‘Murica is now yours. HAZAAA!happy21saree

Today I attempted surprising Saree by waking up at 6a.m. to decorate her bed area. Too bad I’m a loud motherbugger because while reaching over to start putting papers on her wall, her zombie-like hands reached up to scare me out of my 6th life. Alison (her roommate) and I still ended up decorating her sleep area even though she was awake (surprise ruined and all).

Class today included Intro to Statistics at 11, which I was afraid I’d be late to because I went back to sleep and woke up at 10:32 and didn’t know where this building was, but thank baby Jesus I guessed the right building. Out of the entire class of 25+ humans, there were only 5 exchange students, me included. I befriended Karen, but her friend Lauren booked it after class so she couldn’t lunch with us. We even ran into Mary! But the line in the cafeteria was too long and she had class at 1 so she booked it too.

The last class of the day was Food Microbio, but it was the longest trek I made because I lost my map on the way, went around the EXTREMELY long way which included 2 hills to climb up changing between 30-60 degree angles, and asking 5 different people if I was in the right direction or building. Late by only 10 minutes, I had to endure the longest 2+ hours of dry PowerPoint lecturing about the history and basics of Microbiology, including a 1hr lecture on different microscopes and lenses. SNOOZE! At least I met 3 cool exchange students: Rachel (half Korean American from SoCal), Waqa (Pakistani Brit), and Nancy (Vietnamese American from N. Carolina). We all bonded through the fear that lab will be in Korean, with a lab report still being required from all of us.

Thank the heavens for KBBQ and chocolate cake this fine night~



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