Day 11

Awkward moments, schedule changing time, and still poverty stricken.

Today’s line up of classes for Monday included: Table Tennis at 9-10:50, Badminton at 11-12:50, and Korea-US Relations at 3-5:50 (or at least that’s what it said on my schedule). Turns out each class didn’t even last an hour because they were all the orientations to the class. So they pretty much just covered the syllabus of the class.

Awkward moment though when I found out IN CLASS that my ping pong class was in Korean. Maybe the hint was obvious being lined up waiting with ONLY Koreans. It’s okay though because I’ll still be able to table tennis is up. I pretty much forcefully made a friendship with Taeun who was looking for the same class as me and knew good English because of studying abroad in Canada. I also met a UCLA Korean American girl named Holly. YAY FRIENDSHIP! You ping, I pong, We ping pong~

Best awkward moment of the day though was raising my hand in Badminton class after the teacher’s ALL KOREAN Orientation and asking extremely loudly and quickly, “IS IT OK IF I DON’T KNOW ANY KOREAN?” Laughter ensued after he spoke more words to the class and continued on by probably asking people if they knew English or if they could help me. I could see it in their body language… I COULD SEE IT!

Too bad no comprende hangeul… Because I pretty much got kicked out of Badminton. And now that I re-check my schedule and classes, I’m thinking the Self-Defense (Taekwondo) one might be in Korean as well.




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