Day 10

Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song became my jam today.

Out of the list of 8 things I set out to do, from buying things to learning where my classes were before school started, I only completed 2 things: getting the Internet from my room to work on my laptop (FINALLY…) and learning how to transfer/wire money from my Bank of America account to my Woori Bank account. Too bad the exchange rate was crap though, so it looks like I’m starving rather than losing 50,000 possible KRW. DANG THE EXCHANGE RATE DANG IT ALL!!! I should be getting MINIMUM 1,000 W per $1 US, NOT 951 W per $1 US.

It also looks like I’m NOT buying a phone charger, NOT buying an SD chip, NOT taking any pictures any time soon, NOT buying a shower caddy, NOT buying detergent or doing the laundry, and NOT buying picnic blankets for our upcoming Han River outing. And shoot I still don’t know where all my classes are and I have a 9a.m. class tomorrow. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS WHY?!?

It’s okay, I like saving money. I don’t want to eat. I love the K-pop diet. A nice helping of starvation is free right?



3 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. morethangeekylove

    Hello there, just letting you know that your blog has been nominated for the Liebster blog award, please check out in our blog the post to know more about it! Thank you and keep on the great work!! :)) I really enjoy your blog~


    1. cvbui Post author

      Thank you! You must be enjoying my awkward vocabulary and phrasing to still be reading this blog and nominating me for a blog award. I didn’t even know blogs could get awards šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person


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