Day 9

Laziness. Friendship. More bingsoo all day erryday~

Today I pretty much slept from 4-8:30am after Allison came back to Saree’s room and I had to leave. As I groggily drifted towards the cooler in the community room to refill my 2L water bottle, I got chatted up by Casey (American from Ohio??). And thus a new friendship emerged! The bonding through small talk, critiques over the dorm life, Korea life, and FIFA birthed a golden relationship. I also met Aileen and Quyen, who happened to be two Vietnamese roommates on our same floor. They shared their extra hard-boiled egg with me. YAY FOOD! Aileen even offered tea for me in the future. YAY TEA! And before meeting up with Saree and Alison, I roamed the Student Union supply store, convenience store, and cafeteria with Casey. YAY FRIENDSHIP!!!

Saree got me to eat again with her and Alison since she barely woke up at 12, which was when I got back to her domain. I pretty much hung out with Saree, Alison, and Stacey the entire day, from happening upon bands playing during the day out in the open, falling asleep while getting my hair trimmed and done at Juno, eating an assorted fruit bingsoo (this time), and then buying necessities like notebooks and supplies at Daiso.

The lazy day now will most likely end with Saree arising from her nap and us watching Totoro. Wake up Saree! Dinner is calling!!!



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