Day 8

Much to do. So little time. Alien Registration and Bar Fly. Still… why no SD chip??

Michelle, Adeline, Sarah, and I rose early from slumber to catch and split a taxi to the Seoul Immigration Office to complete our alien registration, meeting much difficulty, from long lines, completing the incorrect form, having card instead of cash, and missing our number by 20+ humans. Let’s just say that the DMV would be heaven compared to this circus of a place. Too bad we’re coming back September 19th for pick-up. Wheeee…

Exhausted and tired, we retired to our rooms for slumber. I, however, had to make a break for it to Baekyang Hall S308 to get a copy of my bank account scanned and turned in for the people to send my stipend to my account by the first week of school. Thank Baby Jesus I made it 3 minutes before the place close, else I’d have a WEEK DELAY on monaayyyy. Then I’d be hungry, ugly, and POOR. Or maybe just starving&ugly because I think all college students are pretty poor already.

After naps were delegated, we met up to hit Bar Fly, since it was a school organized event. It was NOT a “neon party” as the school had claimed, but rather a funner experience than Wednesday’s clubbing memories, filled with free drinks from 8pm-12am, but limited to: Gin Tonic, Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Orange, and Rum Coke. If imbeciles weren’t in the way, as in drinking around the lines or just talking where people were trying to get drinks, I probably would have had more than 6 drinks tonight. We were there from about 9pm-2:40am and had to ditch crazy Jennie (from NY) since almost all the girls had left and creepers started coming. Let’s just say I had to yell at some non-exchange students to back-off from our group, but they still circled us like a pack of wolves.

Remember XX-chromosomes & transgender women: Best time to probably leave the Sinchon clubs is around 12-1am to avoid the sausage fest.



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