Day 7

Internal damage may have stricken me, for a dry throat has now increased in pain, and no amount of water can heal away the desert-like terrain within my body. It may have been from the clubbing, or it may have been from the day I ran through rain like a madman.

Substances of the day included: kimchi jjiggae, melon pop, more kimchi jjigae, and shared amounts of jajangmyeon and mango bingsoo. The esophagus would only be cooled temporarily, but pain has been inching closer towards level 4 of STAHP PLEASE.

On a quest to obtain the necessities for alien registration, we ran into more exchange humans, took hobo pictures that would be our required color photos for 9,000 W, and departed from one another when it was time for me to venture to my 1st session for permanent armpit-hair removal. However, because earlier in the day (and throughout the entirety of the day) I had been running around, from FINALLY getting my bank account set-up, money exchanged, and alien registration preparations worked out, the poor workers at the Eungam beauty place were pitted against.. well… my pits. American B.O. and everything!!! Ugghh… I really feel for them, but then again I feel for my emptying pockets. (Actually it costed 55.000 W for the entire 5 sessions that I will be partaking for the next 4 weeks of September.

The bus may have taken 15-20 minutes to get from Eungam to Shinchon Station, but walking from Shinchon Station back to the dorms was a good 30-40 minutes, meaning.. MORE SWEAT AND B.O. YAYY!!!!

After much showering, venturing for Internet, satisfying my tummy ALONE (yes I sat like a creepy loner while people watching and listening in on 3 exchange boys’ gossip and judgmental comments of females and Asia) Saree and Alison came to play, and so off to dinner we went in a quest to fill their bellies. The night ended with watching street performers, from guitarists and singers, to a group of dancers who sweated hard for their tips. Because the majority of the tips were coins, I took my golden chance of opportunity to tip with bills when one of the guys started dancing with Saree. I did it the best way possible: Shoving the 1,000 W into his shirt like it was Vegas! Yay AMERICA! Yay KOREA!!! YAY BEAUITFUL PEOPLE!



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