Day 6

Bath products were low, mooching had been continuous, and the realization that I had been abandoned by my Korean American roommate, Minyoung, until school would start had sunk in.

The day was packed with finding Ehwa Women’s University early in the morning with Alison (Saree’s roommate) to meet up with her friend Stacey. Wandering was necessary, and consumption of 1,200 W kimbap was mandatory. My nemesis of slopes and hills were inevitable, but the scenery was beautiful (sadly no SD chip to take pics).

Later on in the day, I attempted to set-up a bank account at Woori Bank, but after waiting for over half an hour, one of the Korean workers came up to me and the following was spoken:

What’s number? Needed?…
108. Here *showing the piece of paper* I needed to set-up a bank account?…
Noooo…. CLOSED *motioning with hands up in an ‘X’ included*

So yes. Pretty much was turned away because it turns out the bank closes at 4 instead of 6, and waiting for over half an hour was too little time to get help by then. At least I met a German, Anton, from the Yonsei Exchange Program as well (SK Global dorm though) who was waiting (but successful) in obtaining a banking account. Met with disappointment with rejection, I at least was shown where the Student Union/cafeterias were. Anton paid for our late lunches of Kimchi Stew & Mandu, and Soybean paste Stew & Tofu, which was really nice. So guess I’ll spot him next time ’round. 

We headed back to the dorms so that I could meet up with Alison to head to Mentor’s Club Meeting (club where Koreans are buddied up with exchange students to help with Korean). Saree tagged along but opted out once we reached Baekyang Hall in fear she’d be odd one out since she didn’t make it into the club (only 300 out of 800 applicants made the cut for the club). It turned out, however, that people were separated by “cells” and I was cell 10 (Alison cell 4), which landed me into meeting: Diane (from Kansas), Michelle K. (from Utah), and Brandon (from Australia). We teased the Australian of course the entirety of the free time about saying things like: Nokia, Nissan, chips (vs. french fries), boot (of trunk), and probably eating Kangaroos (because of the need for population control).

After the dinner I befriended Sarah (from Seattle) and Mary (from Vermont) while trekking back to the dorms to relieve my bowels, get ready to club, and get Saree to come along. The club was an interesting experience, with a 10,000 W fee upon entrance, which included 2 free drinks and an assortment of sweaty humans. Apparently it was “low key” but I found it pretty crazy enough. I even met Anton again!

After hours of dancing, watching a drinking and dancing contest, and avoiding the stompings of heels (casualty: left pinky toe), we opted out for Patbingsoo (red bean shaved ice), and finally sauntered on home around 1am. Weakness and sweat had overtaken us all, and sleep was our new best friend.



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