Navigation Adventure #1: Where’s I-House?

The humidity of the day was a trap! Little did I know that the passing hours was a ticking bomb for the rain that was to literally befall upon my hungry and ugly self.

Dropped off at the wrong location yet again, it was a journey to travel from the southern tip of the map up into Yonsei, or more specifically the East Wing area that had the dorms lying in sweet, warm wait. The trek lasted from 4:30 to 6:17 with me walking up and down roads without a hint of English. All I could read were numbers and expressions that by-passed me. Kind humans pointed the way for me, but by the time I had reach a crossroad that had a sign pointing forward towards “Yonsei,” the sky began to cry. My umbrella tucked safe away in the dorm room, I knew my end had come. A SoCalians 2nd nemesis (besides Internet strugs): RAIN. Before the hard rain could hit me, the cutest grandma snuck up behind me, shielding me from the enemy. I call her Granny Park (because why not). She smiled and talked away in Korean while all I could say was “Kamsamnida!~” Couples all around me huddled under umbrellas together or held hands and ran, but I stoically walked the road with my new best friend. It was better than a Korean drama.

Granny Park had to leave me as she went left and I turned right, but I was full of confidence and energy on my journey to home. I bought 3,000 W street food and ended up at the Yonsei Cancer Center bewildered. The Koreans were even more confused of my presence and quest to walk to I-House, consolidating with each other which path was best for my strong calves to partake. I ended up going up to the 3rd floor to Information, then up the 5th floor to cross a bridge over to the Dental Clinic, and then back down the 2nd floor to ask Information the direction in which to wander. I was finally led outside the Dental building and directed which way to run. So run I did with all my might with the pouring beast of Korea’s precipitation, mixing with my perspiration. Although wet to the core, I marched in like I had conquered the world! No the wandering eyes of passerby’s did not bother me, and no the laughter of girl’s under umbrella’s could not shake me, for I had run through rain faster than Hermes could escape the Underworld I’m sure!


5 thoughts on “Navigation Adventure #1: Where’s I-House?

  1. emi

    HI Quyeeeen! Glad you’re having an adventure so far. Your mom had to remind me what the url was haha. BTW, they are adopting me now since you have left the nest and all day your mom feeds me delicious, crispy nectarines. XO. Emi


    1. cvbui Post author

      YAH I have actually! It was just the REALLY wrong area I was left off at and roads are not as similar to the map as you’d like… -_-



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