Day 5

Getting Lost, Cellphone Strugs, Wi-fi strugs, laptop strugs, and just plain life strugs!

Today was the school Orientation at Baekyang Hall, and apparently 4 exchange students don’t have enough wrinkles in their tiny noggins to figure out the school map and just go straight and keep left, or just follow the crowd. It was a long and hard 30 minutes full of sweat and battle against slopes, hills, and inclines (my nemesis). After the 1st part of orientation, I was able to meet up with Mama Homestay to get my cellphone set up (FINALLY), but we were met with the problems of: 1) places unable to set up the SIM since they wanted confirmation of when I entered and how long I would stay (since apparently my passport, visa, and airplane ticket isn’t enough of a confirmation), 2) places that required alien registration number (which I’m in the process of getting, which would take 1-2 weeks to arrive), and 3) places just being too expensive or unable to set up a 4 month plan for me.

Perspiration was high. Moral was low. So what did Mama Homestay and I decide to do?
Opt for red bean shaved ice and carmalized toast (babingsoo?? pabingsoo? haha I don’t remember the Korean word). YUM!

She later found out that in Hongdae that there was an Olleh phone store that could set-up a 4 month plan SIM card for me AND that they were capable in speeching to me in English. By 4:17pm we successfully got the phone set up with a 120 day plan + 500MG/month. HAZAAA!!!

After Mama Homestay dropped me off at Sinchon Station/near-ish Yonsei (which by the way is HUGER than I believed), I ended up on an adventure back home to the dorms, which included asking MANY bystanders which direction to go, walking in the rain, walking through Yonsei Cancer Center and Dental Clinic, and the running some more in POURING rain. At least my umbrella was dry in my room!

Sadly, I’ve been met with the strug of NOT having a charger for the phone, getting a USB chord to connect the phone to the laptop that BARELY CHARGES the phone, NOT figuring out Wi-fi or internet connection, having a melt down when the laptop screen got MESSED UP, and PRESENTLY was able to successfully restore my laptop at the cost of losing my NECESSARY SCHOOL programs: Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, etc.

Now I lay on Adeline’s (aka “3abi”; one of the Singaporean’s) bed eating their dark chocolate Toblerone.



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