Yonsei Adventure #1: Checking In

Blood, sweat, and tears.

This morning, what should have been a simple taxi ride over to the I-House dorm to check-in to my room, escalated to being on the opposite end of the campus, being unable to converse with the Koreans, and sweating along the campus trails pushing 40lb bags up and down a hill. When I thought I would die from the lack of upper body strength, a savior descended in the form of the cutest Ahjusshi, who apparently wasn’t a taxi driver. So maybe I technically got in the car of a strange old geezer, but hey, he took me to where I needed to go and spoke perfect English. Turns out, Elder Lee (I’m a call him this because I can) was a previous teacher at Yonsei for 10 years about 30 years ago. His final words were “I don’t need anything from you, I just help because I knew what it was like getting in trouble too!”

Now I reside in 222A, which is brilliant since Saree is on the same floor as me. Note to self: Have a map. ANY. ALWAYS. And don’t get dropped off at some random dorm that’s COMPLETELY OPPOSITE the correct dorm. West is not East… and thou shalt try to be less of a sweaty hoe.


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