Day 4

Today I checked in to my room on the 2nd floor after an hour predicament of being dropped off around the West Wing at Muak Dorm, rather than at I-House around the East Wing of campus. After a battle of sweats, being saved by a total stranger (yup no stranger danger radar hither…), and laughing hysterically when finally entering the Information section of the dorm, I was able to get a room key, my linens, and be done with unloading all of my crud.

Right before I was to trek out into the world, alone and sweaty, I happened across 2 Singaporeans struggling with their luggage and 1 Austrian tagging along. After directing them to I-House, I successfully ensnared the unsuspecting girls into a friendship trap. Hazaaaa! For now I would not be alone in wandering and finding a place to lunch. I believe I was not too obnoxious this time ’round, for later at night I was able to mooch off Michelle’s (1 of the Singaporeans) toiletries and Wi-Fi. YAY FRIENDSHIP!!!

My roommate has finally checked in to our room but I have yet to see her. Only the luggages and name card were found in my room when I went to grab the laptop for Saree and me to watch. Totoro and face masks tonight, what more to life is there here in Korea?



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