Day 3

Today, besides being disturbed at 6:30 am when the little troll decided to crawl into bed next to me, chit chat away in Korean, and then push me into playing with him for 2 hours until Mama Homestay woke up, I went to Insa-dong, shopped around, ate the “Penis Ice Cream,” went to the bookstore, bought a couple school supplies, and had fried chicken for dinner with the “Homestays” (yes, this is what I will now proceed to call the Korean family I’ve been temporarily staying with). The entire day was very tiring since Hyung Joon kept VERY CLOSE to me, saying “Watermelon” constantly (since he finds it the most memorable English word in his personal vocabulary), holding my hand or controlling my arms to rest on his head or shoulders, and poking me until his mom caught him committing the act of pokage directed at my chestals. The first male that wants my hand in marriage is an 8 year old boy.


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