Day 2

Hongdae, Myeong dong, shopping, and food, Food, FOOD!

Today, besides whispering down to the Koreans from the 12th floor “Freedomm~” at about 6:30 in the morning, I had an amazing breakfast with the Korean fam that consisted of the 3 types of kimchi (cabbage, cucumber, and radish), golgi (meat), and the purplish rice (they said it was rice mixed with beans or something I couldn’t quite catch).

Next, I met up with my friend Saree and her Momma Ortiz in Hongdae, after failing at getting a phone (since phone places can only set up the SIM card Monday-Friday), and finally navigating through the subway station with Mama Homestay (the new name I’m giving to Dragon’s friend’s sister). We went to the “Free Market” and I ended up buying a homemade, white watch bracelet trinket for 7,000 W (besides the glorious matters of meat kabobs and ice cream: yes I would have been Day2-Siestadouble fisting if it wasn’t for Momma Ortiz’s kindness of holding the ice cream for me during my kabob munching). Before the humidity killed us all, we secluded to the Ortiz domain to have a quick siesta until we decided to go shopping in Myeong dong.

At Myeong dong we learned the beauty of free samples, 5,000 W fried squid, culturally acceptable manners of bumping, shoving, and never apologizing, and aspect to shopping that included store keepers following you around EVERYWHERE until you leave the store. It wasn’t an aggressive way of following around (more like catering to be honest), but there was one lady that gave me the greatest discomfort when her steps were within 1-3 feet of me with the addition of speaking Korean to the others while mad-dogging me, chuckling, and looking at both her fellow shopkeepers’ and my expressions. Myeong dong, you’ve killed my feet and yet I still haven’t covered the rest of you. SOON…

Last, I came back to the Korean Residence and ate spicy dukbokki and some other street vendor-looking delicacies with the 2 older kids and Mama Homestay. The daughter was a lot less shy this time and would try talking to me in English with questions that sounded like basic Korean language class things (favorite food, how old, favorite artist in America, etc.), a Korean history topic convo (talking about Korean/Japanese conflict over land = GAMECHANGER WOAH!), and then recommendations of American music and Youtubers to check out. Before going to bed, the youngest spawn wanted me to sleep with him because I was pretty. KYEOPTA~

First compliment in Korea, and it was from an 8 year old boy who wanted to bed me. I’ll take it!



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