August 24, 2014

This morning I was awoken at 6:30 AM by the little 8-year old spawn, Hyun Joon, who decided to sneak into my bed, proceed to get me to play LEGOs with him, admire his Pokemon card collection, and then learn a Korean game that involved throw down plastic characters down to flip another one over. This little punk thought he’d be a sneaky duck and cheat when we did rock paper scissors to decide who’d pick first, flip something over to give himself an advantage in the game, and wouldn’t let me take his characters away when I beat him. This quacker really made me pray to Baby Jesus that his mom would wake up so that I could catch a break with breakfast.

It seriously was a LONG and grueling 2 hours before Mama Homestay was released from her slumber. Please remember that the only English exchanged through Hyun Joon and me are: “Hello,” “Thank you.” “Good.” “Water.” “Watermelon.” and “I like you.”


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