Day 1

I’ve finally reached Seoul after 16 hours of flight and airport time, being confused as Chinese or Korean, and being judged for speaking English rather than the respective Asian languages. Is “Sorry I’m Vietnamese” so difficult to comprende?

Dragon’s friend’s sister’s family have taken me in and welcomed me. They were even excited when I showed them I brought gifts even though it was just Bath & Body Works hand soaps and lotion, See’s Candy lollipops, Instant Coffee, and Legos. Their bathroom is different from America’s for sure where there is no sliding or swinging door to close off the showers from the sink/toilet area (and no curtains or tub as well), which made me have to be careful with how I used the water so that it would drain correctly. They keep telling me to sleep so I can adjust to Korea time, but body is just so ready for freedom after all the sleeping and movie watching on the plane.



One thought on “Day 1

  1. Saree

    Yoooo…You’re totally in Korea! Me too! What a coincidence. Anyway I thought I would leave you a comment here cause apparently you have no phone. But my mom and I are going to Myeongdong tomorrow to do some crazy shopping and you’re welcome to come! Let me know! But I think I’ll just stick to messaging you on facebook now 🙂



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