Day 0

WE HAVE LIFTOFF- in… 6 hours… *sigh* how anticlimactic. Sadly Father has stated that I cannot bring my iPhone with me to Korea because it looks like I’m renting one, meaning I won’t have a phone while going to the airport, sitting in the airport, and having a 1hr45min layover in Beijing’s airport, meaning no updates in this blog until I reach Dragon Lord’s friend’s sister’s house. This is some first world problems I’m not ready for. Well America, it was nice being sheltered at home, but it’s time for this Asian American to get shipped off to the wrong motherland. I hope to mortify all Koreans with my terrible eating and dressing habits because let’s be honest: they’re all starving themselves to reach that size 0 ideal.

16 hours guys. In AirChina I trust. Just praying they don’t think I’m Chinese and treat me rudely like last time for speaking in English. But before I depart… time to finish packing. WHOOPS!



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