Tip 2: Buying International Tickets

Buying tickets to another country can sometimes become stressful when you’re a poor plebeian like yours truly. So here’s what I usually do, or what I did for Korea specifically, and I seemed to have bought some pretty cheap round-trip tickets compared to the average commoner.

First of all:
Plan at least 3 to 6 months in advance. The earlier you plan, the cheaper the tickets, and in my friends and my experiences, we’ve learned that buying international tickets were usually at their peak cheapest ~3-6 months before the flight. I bought my round-trip Vietnam tickets (+1 short layover) 3 months in advance for ~$1,100 and my round-trip Korea tickets 5 months in advance (+1 short layover) for ~$890 if you wanted to gauge a price range for how much these international trips from LA to overseas countries would be about.

Second of all:
If you’re gonna go cheap, go all the way cheap with CheapOAir. Just google in flights from [insert start destination] to [insert end destination] (e.g. “Flights from LAX to Seoul, South Korea”). Many links will pop up claiming they are the cheapest but when I got tickets to Vietnam and Korea, I stuck to the CheapOAir site since it seemed to always list the cheapest flights for me (**cough cough Air China **cough cough but no seriously just do it), and besides being pretty useful for including the box to check for “dates of flexibility” so that I could see tickets that would be cheaper if I left on a Wednesday rather than a Friday, or arrived home on a Monday rather than a Sunday this comparison site compared to others doesn’t do pop-up links to other sites and is just easier to navigate for a technologically handicapped person like me.

Third of all:
Buy on Tuesdays around afternoon. In my experience, for some strange oddity, buying plane tickets (both domestically and internationally) have been the cheapest on Tuesdays, specifically around 12-4ish. A friend suggested Wednesdays as well, but I feel like that is usually better for domestic flights.

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

  • Plan 3-6 months ahead for international flight
  • Compare prices (suggested site to use: CheapOAir; alternative comparison sites easily found on Google)
  • Choose economy and check “dates are flexible” to really cheap out like the peasant that you may be
  •   Buy on Tuesdays around 12-4 for prime time tickets
  • Have a credit/debit card and money and just click and buy (the actual buying part needs not be explained)

**note: If you’re a baller that’s usually in first or business class.. WHY ARE YOU HERE? I has no tips for anyone but commoners who have yet to taste the fine wines and luxuries of real arm rests, real seat recliners, real cushions, and real food, snacks, meals and/or drinks in REAL GLASS CUPS.

So fly my fellow adventurers. Search through Google, CheapOAir, or whatever means necessary to find cheap airfare and travel on. And a special note to Air China.. Thank you! I sincerely thank you with the bottom of my cheap, cheap heart for being $300 cheaper than Asiana Air. God bless cheap hoes everywhere~


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