COUNTDOWN: T-Minus 7 Days

My Current Checklist Before Packing for Korea:

  • Get Student Visa  
  • Get Suitcases (2 check-in)  
  • Get Backpack (1 carry on)  
  • Have big towel (because Korea doesn’t really use big towels post-shower)  
  • Do laundry to pack clothes 
  • Get “converter” for when using laptops, chargers, phone, etc. overseas 
  • Get TB test results to get into the dorm 
  • Pay semester tuition at Chapman 

4 out of 8? Well there are 7 more days before I leave, and knowing me I’ll start the actual packing process after I’ve done laundry (which is the day before I leave of course).

<img class="alignright wp-image-74 size-thumbnail" src="″ alt=”stillhungrynuglysignoff” width=”150″ height=”57″ />


3 thoughts on “COUNTDOWN: T-Minus 7 Days

    1. cvbui Post author

      I’ll be sure to have a summarized version of packing under “Tips” by the end of next week (probably after I’ve arrived in Korea and learned what I did right/wrong)

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