Tip 1: Registering for Classes

So if any of you are wondering how the process was like signing up for classes at Yonsei University, I’ll share with you some valuable lessons I’ve learned. Let’s just say this experience was the most stressful 4 hours of my undergraduate life, and screaming and sweating may have been involved.

First of all:
You will be able to make your “wish list” of classes you might take. I state “might” because the problem with registering is that there is no wait listing. Yes it’s true, once the class is full you’ll never be able to get a chance at getting into the class. There’s probably a 1% chance you’ll get in if someone decides to drop the class, but let’s be honest, NOBODY is dropping the class they barely were able to get in that first 13 seconds. You’ll neither see how many people have registered for the class nor if the class is already full until you try to register for the class. So I highly recommend building your “wish list” at least 3 hours ahead of the actual registration time.

Second of all:
You will in fact NEED Internet Explorer for once in this 21st century. And when I emphasize “NEED” I mean it. You may be able to build the “wish list” of courses using Firefox in the beginning, but once you are actually trying to register for your classes, anything besides Internet Explorer will NOT work. So sorry to say this Mac users, but you’re going to have to mooch off someone’s PC or peasant laptop that may have Internet Explorer or say bye bye to getting the classes you want.

Third of all:
CLICK ON THE CLASSES AS FAST AS YOU CAN LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!! Once your “wish list” is made and the clock hits the registration period, you add your class by clicking on the title of the class. Classes that I wanted have filled up in 1 minute because there are seats of availability from 5-30 seats (depending on the course). By now you should have backups for in case you could not get a class, or in case there were options of different time availabilities for a class. Do NOT make the mistake like I did in choosing a class (**cough cough Intro to Stats… OOooh Stats…) that is during a popular time period, unless you want to say hello to conflict of schedule and realizing you won’t be able to add a backup class.

Summary for Lazy Hoes:

  • Do NOT start registration process at exact time of registration, but rather 3-4 hours ahead
  • Build “wish list” of courses that you want, possibly want, or could be possible backups
    (e.g. 3 different time slots for a certain class, or 2 different classes that could fulfill a GE)
  • Have backup classes because you may not get the class you wanted
  • There are no such things as “wait listing” for classes at Yonsei University
  • Have and use Internet Explorer before the actual registration period
    • An e-mail will be sent stating that registering for classes at Yonsei REQUIRES Internet Explorer so I cannot stress the absoluteness that is placed on having Internet Explorer
  • Record what each course’s title, time slot/block hour (e.g. block 1 = 9 a.m.), and GE or class fulfillment for your actual school would be on a post-it note or scratch paper so you’re organized and on your registration game
  • You will not know when a class if full until you actually try to register for it
  • Have “wish list” opened up at least 1 minute before the actual registration period
    • You will know if you registered for the class or not because if it doesn’t go through, a pop up will either come up saying something like “Max capacity of seats reached, you should’ve clicked faster loser” or “You are taking a course during that time; should’ve checked for conflict of schedule bro”
      (My quotes not their’s. Please don’t sue me for libel Yonsei.)
  • (Optional) Have a friend with you who’s also registering for classes at the same school because it may make registering more fun or comfortable knowing that someone is stressing alongside you OR is helping you figure out how to download Internet Explorer

My final words of wisdom are to prepare ahead of time, be organized, and always have a backup option because you don’t want to be “that guy” who decided to plan the day of, not remember what classes to take, not have a backup plan, and now has to do more paperwork after registering for classes that weren’t in the approval list for school. TRUST ME. Because I am “that guy”.. or girl you should say.

Happy Registration! And may the odds be ever in your favor~


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