Day 119

So I technically was in North Korea for a brief couple of minutes. SAY WHHAAAAA~?

Throughout our entire day of being transported from War Museum, to restaurant in nowhere, to other places before entering the DMZ (demilitarized zone), and the blue building/conference room that is technically in both South and North Korea, I was constantly falling asleep. I’ll go into the details in a separate post about how our group could’ve been kicked out from even seeing the DMZ, the strictness of the tour, and the thoughts that roamed my head as I walked in a mildly organized line.

Here are my terrible pictures of the day (most of them War Museum related or just of us traveling from the subway to the hotel where we would find our JSA tour since taking pictures was LIMITED):

Apparently one of the girls in my Politics & Society of North Korea class LEGIT has been in North Korea before and did both DMZ tours from the North and South side and experienced a bigger leniency when it came to moving about and taking pictures when she was in the North. According to her, the North is only strict when important figures are visiting the DMZ, but other than that she felt like the South was too strict and overly exaggerated.



Day 118

When? What day? WEDNESDAY!!! (not the third day…)

After a week of finals and anti-socialism, I had a day of rest instead of adventuring, blogging, or pretty much anything that would involve productivity. I did, however, get to Skype the nuclear familia and at the end of the night help mis amigas para hair dying fun.

As I attempted dying a person’s hair for the first time in my life on Alison, I dropped the brush, almost fell asleep mushing the gunk into her scalp, and successfully got at all the roots (although I ran out of the dye in the end). Sorry Alison, pero tu hair be WAY too long. And to the girl who later would go into the stall we used, that brown hand print was mine. Sorry…

As for Stacey, her glorious black mane was done beautifu’rry by the lovely Joanne. We wait por zeh transformation magic.


Day 114

Did anyone say study break?

Suffering from chronic lazy syndrome, I decided a casual drinking break with Ross and Sarah Y. was to be called in to order. But what started as a simple dinner and makgeolli break, turned into a night of all you can drink sake for $9.95, losing my phone, running back in forth from the Shisha bar back to the restaurant that had the sake deal, and vomming for the first time in Seoul.

At least it was in a trash can? Or more specifically.. my trash can?


Days 110 to 117

So from Tuesday through Tuesday what happened now?

Since I was in full force study mode for my last four finals: Statistics, Politics & Society of North Korea, Korea-US Relations, and Food Microbiology, I pretty much slacked off on friendships, fun, and blogging. The only memorable things I did throughout the week was help Alison tutor her Skype student Heechul on the Tuesdays and Thursday, and have midnight tea time with Alison and Waqas in SK Global’s basement floor (B3).

And to Waqas and Rachel on our last all-nighter Monday night/Tuesday morning: I AM SO SORRY FOR FALLING ASLEEP AND FORGETTING TO COME!!! At least we all finished our last class and final within 20 minutes from each other?


Day 109

The moment of Finals has arrived, and my first Final was?? PING PONG

Because there were two different Monday ping pong classes, my class would be in a competition against the other for our respective professor’s bragging rights. Sadly, my partner “Sleepy” was NOT on his A game and would either: 1) miss the ball, or 2) hit the ball way too far off the table. So I barely got to smack the ball and show my crowd of supporters (Stacey, Joanne, Angelina, & Alison) my skills. They did get to see me play 1-on-1 against my partner later and did realize I did in fact love smashing the ball whenever I had the chance.

Even though my doubles team with Sleepy lost, each class ended with a 5-to-5 win. Surprisingly they weren’t for doing a tie breaker. So nobody got bragging rights. But everyone did get McDonald’s for breakfast. Weird… I vaguely remember Holly translating that we were playing to see which loser would buy lunch for the other class.


Day 108

Did anyone say fire??!


Post- fire preventative measures

Influenced by the lovely Deborita and the beauty of candles, I had been using a candle recently during my studious times during the upcoming Finals. Sadly, my peanut sized, smoothly unwrinkled brain in the logic department left me to commit near-fatal death. With a 500 W lighter, and inability to figure out how to light my candle without burning myself, I attempted to light a paper to light my candle which resulted in the paper catching fire too quickly, my spastic reactions to disperse the flames in every which way, and parts of my room to almost catch on fire. Thank goodness for my ninja reflexes, for I was able to save my Lee Min HOT calendar and postcards, as well as the rest of my room and I-House.

May Darwinism not take me out temporarily, and all the deities protect me as well as the possible victims within my vicinity.


Day 107

Class on a Saturday?

Because my Monday professor cancelled class, he made an “optional” make-up class Saturday morning at 9a.m. After that cruel sick joke of a class, I ventured off with Stacey, Joanne, and Alison to find one of Seoul’s China Towns. There must be China Towns everywhere in the world huh?

Picturas to be stolen from Joanne coming up shortly of our adventures in China Town…